Capture on-the-field feedback

Web-app to guide deliverymen while capturing on-the-field feedback including real-time issues.


Your drivers will never get stressed out again!

As our ‘Field Delivery App’ provides drivers with all the information and tools to manage routes without stress or inconvenience.

Field Delivery App provides drivers with the following information:

  • Optimized orders per route
  • Order information (shopper info, address, weight, # packages,…)
  • Delivery status update: pending, on the way, delivered,…
  • Shopper signature window
  • On-the-field feedback window

Additional features

On-the-field feedback

Nektria´s platform uses all the relevant information to create super-optimized routes. In fact, delivery-specific information is continuously fed back into the algorithm to account for hidden complexities. Do you think we need the same time to deliver a 100 kg package for a shopper who lives on the 7th floor without a lift or a small package for a shopper who lives on the 1st floor? Obviously not! Nektria counts the exact minutes assigned to each delivery as opposed to using statistical averages; therefore routing optimization is taken to the next level while feeding back our Dynamic Pricing Module.

Manage your fleet using our Cellular Collaborative model

Field Delivery App is the only solution on the market that allows you to manage your fleet using a truly Collaborative operations model.

- The truck driver stops in front of the shopper’s address.
- All boxes are unloaded, registered and tracked; the scooter driver will handle the delivery job.
- No wasted time looking for a parking place.

- The scooter driver parks as close to the meeting point as possible and waits for the truck to arrive.
- The scooter driver picks up the boxes as previously unloaded by the truck driver. The truck driver is freed-up to run into his next destination.
- The scooter driver hands-in the goods to the shopper.
- After performing the delivery job, the scooter driver folds the boxes, carries them back on his scooter, and moves on to his next delivery appointment where he will meet with a truck again.

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