Generate efficient delivery routes

The Dynamic Pricing module proposes to shoppers delivery time slots at variable prices changing dynamically in real time to provide more slot choices to shoppers while building smoother delivery routes


Unique yield-management algorithms

Our algorithms are able to calculate in real time the marginal logistical complexity of each delivery in relation to the rest of the network. The system uses price incentives to encourage e-shoppers to choose the most efficient delivery slots, thus significantly boosting delivery efficiency.

Our algorithms consider key parameters in order to build the most efficient routes:

  • Order deliveries planned until that moment
  • Difficulty to park in the neighborhood
  • The floor your shopper lives in / whether or not there is a lift at the household
  • Demand and traffic density in a given city area
  • Sensitivity to delivery price
  • Real-time issues
  • Predictive science

Additional features

Milkmaid routing

In the outskirts you may wish to offer certain days or slots only. Milkmaid routing tries to replicate an analog logic to the old days when milk was serviced to distant locations only on certain days and times of the week. Our retailer customers can actually configure by location and / or postal code the actual slot opening coverage. The idea is that it often does not make sense to offer all time slots available at all locations on every single day to every single shopper, but rather limit service to only certain days and time-slots. Make this logic configurable to ensure enough demand density is built-up and thus reduce the total cost-to-serve.

Shopper anchoring

All slots are open and available to the first shopper. However his/her choice will determine the available slots to the following shoppers. Shopper anchoring can save significant logistics costs, especially on low-density, peripheral areas. The “aggressiveness” of anchoring strategies can be controlled, fine-tuned, and configured from Nektria’s back-office.

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