Outbound campaigns related to geo-location

The module enables our clients to create outbound campaigns to fit geo-located shoppers into the delivery route


Turn your logistics into a way to increase your sales!

Create new purchase opportunities at no extra cost by filling those slots that are not complete.

Geo-marketing takes into account the following aspects:

  • Order deliveries planned until that moment in the system
  • Shoppers’ database per retailer
  • Historical shopper behavior (profiling)
  • Capacity about each route and time slot
  • Merchant business rules

Additional features

Notification to close customers

As the routes are being generated we are able to detect those points when there is a lower demand during the distribution. Based on the proximity and other aspects of actual shoppers we can decide which ones fit in the delivery route.

Email to close shoppers

We propose to our clients to inform to those online shoppers who are likely to be delivered orders at a minimum cost that a free delivery opportunity has been found in their area and only the first ones will be able to receive it. To generate impulse purchases based on logistics.

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