Route planning tool for delivery fleets

A tool for delivery fleets that breaks silos and manages time measuring of each individual order using an interactive dashboard


The assistant that logistics directors always dreamed about!

Our dashboard allows you to manage (pre-optimized) routes and simulate scenarios visually. Artificial Intelligence combined with “informal” fine-tuning by a transportation department.

With this module you will be able to manage:

  • Route planning and configuration (#, total distance, number of orders per route, etc.)
  • Vehicles (#, type, cellular work or not, etc.)
  • Orders including detailed information and characteristics (weight, size, number of boxes, elevator/no elevator, VIP order/shopper, etc.).
  • Drag and drop feature to allow for (human-related, informal) last-minute manual adjustments.
  • Our planner is the only one in the market able to manage cellular collaborative model

Additional features

Drag & drop orders across assets

After more than 10,000 deliveries made on the field by our own team, we learned that the traffic manager must be able to make the final touches to have the best routes each time... and for that reason, the routing planner offers a manual drag and drop option leaving those orders that require a modification, either due to last-minute needs of the shopper, logistics operator or from the retailer.

Manage routes and simulate scenarios visually

Our Route planner allows you to change orders as needed to create and simulate various routes that you imagine. In a new age, where it is difficult to balance shopper, business and logistics operations requirements, this feature is going to be your tool to find the best routes for all parties.

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