Yield Manager by Nektria

The ultimate tool to manage your eCommerce deliveries in time slots


We offer you a logistics control panel adapted to your business

Thanks to this solution, offering slots to your shoppers will be easy. With an integration of less than 72h, thanks to Google Tag Manager, your products can be delivered in a time slot (1h, 2h, 3h ... or whatever you decide!), you can manage the capabilities intelligently and with only an initial setup of your grid of slots.

Our algorithms calculate the real cost of each delivery for each specific client and for each order, trying to avoid the appearance of pain points for a correct execution.

Offer a premmium delivery experience without the logistics consuming all your margins!

With our tool, you’ll be able to…

  • Offer delivery time slots to your online shoppers, tailored to your needs. Differentiate yourself from your competitors with an unbeatable delivery service!
  • Control your deliveries and to know their real cost so that you can consider whether it makes sense to have your own fleet or dedicated fleet in large cities
  • Have a BackOffice where you can see and manage your available resources for deliveries. Your own logistics dashboard totally adapted to your business!
  • The delivery cost for each customer. Our software will calculate it in real for every customer who enters your website, showing to him or her the available slots, Green Slots, and/or slots with variable prices, ell automatically.

Additional features

Types of grid that best suits your needs:

Capacity Manageement: Selective closing of time slots according to the operational capacity available at any given time

Green slot: Highlight those time slots that are more sustainable to run (“Green” Slots)

Setup functionalities

Time slot creator, Assignment of postal code to each time zone, Linked capacities between time windows, Assignment of Maximum accepted cost per order... and many more!

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